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Buy Imvu credits

We need you provide us your username and password then login your account and transfer credits.

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Product Name Server Price Action
30 K Credits Imvu 9.00 USD
40 K Credits Imvu 12.00 USD
50 K Credits Imvu 15.00 USD
60 K Credits Imvu 17.99 USD
70 K Credits Imvu 20.99 USD
80 K Credits Imvu 23.99 USD
90 K Credits Imvu 26.99 USD
100 K Credits Imvu 29.99 USD
200 K Credits Imvu 59.98 USD
300 K Credits Imvu 89.97 USD
400 K Credits Imvu 119.96 USD
500 K Credits Imvu 149.95 USD
600 K Credits Imvu 179.94 USD
700 K Credits Imvu 209.93 USD
800 K Credits Imvu 239.92 USD
900 K Credits Imvu 269.91 USD
1000 K Credits Imvu 299.90 USD


1 Our promise for IMVU credits delivery is 10 mins-12 hours.we service for you 24 hours a day,7 days a week.
2.Please check your avatar name carefully.We will delivery the IMVU credits to your avatar without contact.
  3.Return policy:We only refund orders in 48 hours, If you get the IMVU credits over 48 hours your order will not refundable.  
- Please ensure that you enter your imvu avatar name correctly. If you enter an avatar name incorrect then We are unable to retrieve IMVU credits once paid out so we will not refun your IMVU credits order. However, if you enter the name of an existing avatar the imvu credits will be transferred to that account at in 24 hours.
- You must have the owner's permission to use a credit/debit card or account when buy imvu credits from us.Should a chargeback be made after a successful purchase of imvu credits from us because of unauthorised use, or for any other reason, please be aware that your IMVU account will be disabled; you may also face criminal proceedings. This also applies to anyone using a parent's account without permission.
  - Our IMVU credits are all from imvu developers ,However you'd better spend the imvu credits within 48 hours in case it been stolen.And we only deal with problems during the next 48 hours when imvu credits sent out.  
- If you are paying by echeque, your IMVU credits will not be transferred until your echeque has cleared through the banking system into our account.
- If you have purchased more than 200k IMVU credits we will not send it at a time.Please contact with our online live suppport to get the other 100k credits when you have the first 100k spent out.
- The discount imvu membership on our site is for avatars more than 1 month only.If your avatar is less than 1 month please dont buy it.
- Any transactions which remain unprocessed after approximately 7 days, for reason of error or awaiting verification, will have the payment refunded.