The top various personas accumulating one particular just like day of the very first title.

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 Actions martial arts market leaders "moon legend" on July 25, fresh single gate sq . secure your spirit tower system, your forthcoming great beginning. Satang secure your soul podium using quadruple worship the almighty, and the woolen innovator and also seal several highly effective faction’s supreme blurry within the rectangular structure, some gods would not off of normal. Nowadays, guarding the quartet from the god from the quadruple gradually manages to lose checks and balances, the globe may encounter an enormous disaster. Concurrently, the initial group "day" will go into the ko, every outlaw hero have fun with the competition, throughout series to be able to fame!

August Twenty two, "the moon legend" new individual entrance sq fasten the particular heart podium, the surprise. Tower system every level features a strong main character guarding, mix podium outlaw leading man requirements through their particular examination, may enter the up coming level. Industry by storm such a effective opposition, outlaw leading man in their own personal hard to contest, yet the watchful observation, is found that the opposition's weaknesses.

The particular quartet has effective hero protecting, secure the particular heart and soul tower and mix structure levels problems progressively deepened. Outlaw good guy in the process of cross structure, productive traditions clearance moment, effect regarding reward. The particular smaller the actual customs discounted occasion, advantages much more generous. Selection of difficulties as well, the actual structure adopts arbitrary enjoy, overcome style, and analyze combination podium outlaw main character in-game modifications capacity.

The top of the different characters collecting a single similar to day's the 1st name. "Moon" completely new period going on June, concern event can be a hero. Category time subscribing to One particular ! 25 each cheap IMVU credits month, being qualified period of time for any month, Eight ~ 26 removal is 28 ~ 31 each month. Speed contest chivalrous man, hand in hand facet with the close friends to participate little league competition.